Mobile Confluence by Winjit at Nashik

Mobile Confluence: Conference on Mobile Technology and Development by Winjit

Mobile Confluence is the collaboration of industry experts, students and developers to learn, unlearn and debate on the future of mobility. The event is by Winjit Technologies, who is the  industry leader in mobile and the torch bearer of Technology in Nashik. Winjit is a 200 people team with customers in more than 40 countries and has developed more than 600 Apps

If you are technology student, existing developer, or wants to enter the field of Mobility this is the right opportunity. To register forthis event follow this link

Key Points

  • Event is by registration only and since we have limited seating capacity apply early and fill in the details to ensure that we select the right mix of people
  • The event is free to attend , you will get an email confirmation and need to bring that on the day of the event.
Mobile Confluence by Winjit at Nashik
Mobile Confluence by Winjit at Nashik

To register for this event follow this link


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