Artistica 2014 : Heat is rising!

Artistica 2014, North Maharashtra’s biggest amateur Photography exhibition, The Heat is Rising. Entries were invited based on themes viz. Macro, Street/People and Nature/Landscape. More than 100 willing participants applied to be a part of this grand event. Experts selected 70 participants who later made it to the ‘LEVEL 1’ of Artistica 2014.
Entries of these 70 participants were uploaded to and they are provided with a Unique link for each.Participants can share the link publicly to increase their votes. You can vote to participants on Online Voting will be closed on 26th February 2014, 5 PM. Based on the votes and expert opinion, 50 participants will make it to ‘LEVEL 2’.

Sponsored by "Suyojit Viridian Valllis"
Sponsored by “Suyojit Viridian Valllis”

In ‘LEVEL 2’, will exhibit photos of selected participants in ‘Chhandomayi Art Gallery, Kusumagraj Smarak, Gangapur Rd, Nashik’. This exhibition will start on 1st March 2014 and will be open for public viewing till 3rd March 2014. Between these three days of exhibition, participants will be able to interact with each other and the audiences as well.
A team of experts will select 3 winners i.e. one winner from each category. What will winners get… That is a secret. The biggest joy for everyone will not be winning, but to express one’s talent in public is the biggest boost of all.

Artistica 2014 is an initiative by and we are thankful to our title sponsors “Suyojit Viridian Vallis“. You can check out Facebook page of Suyojit Viridian Vallis

So Art-Lovers out there, what are you waiting for? Visit and vote for your favorite Photos. In the words of Alfred Stieglitz, “Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”


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