An android app “SecureHer” to protect women from emergency situations.

Secure Her is a unique security app that combines latest technology with the unmatched user support system to offer safety and security in letter and spirit to any girl or woman in distress. Available in all Android driven Smartphones, SecureHer is indeed the most reliable answer to any girl’s call for help as it offers reassurance and support like no other app of its kind.


The technology used in SecureHer is comparable to the most sophisticated and modern technologies of its kind available anywhere today. Absolutely user friendly, the distress signal is activated the moment the user double-clicks on the SecureHer icon on the mobile phone. Secure Her technology homes into the distressed signal to about 10 ms. Radius, and simultaneously a series of steps are initiated to ensure the safety of the user.

As the SOS gets activated, our Call Centre team which works 24 * 7 makes sure that help reaches anytime and anywhere in India (at a later stage we plan to take this to other parts of the globe as well). This is made possible by the active involvement of relatives and friends and local law enforcement agencies. Meaningful help can reach if we act accurately, fast, and can provide the exact distress location along with essential details of the person in distress to the authorities.

We understand the concern of the loved ones in times of distress and also help moderate their fears by giving real time exact distress location updates using highly accurate maps. A priceless security app SecureHer is a must have for women of all age groups.

Download Here:



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