Just nashik movie review: Krrish 3 (2013)

Verdict: **


The moment you enter the theater to watch Krrish 3, hoping it should not turn just another disastrous attempt to create an actual World Saving Indian Superhuman, audiences are taken on a roller coaster ride of various Ups and fall. It does not mean that Krrish 3 ends up becoming Ra.One or Drona. But it fails to deliver a stronger and tight bound script. And yes, lack of originality i.e. Hollywood “Inspirations” are not to be said of.

Jumping to the movie, you are taken on a short flashback ride of what happened in ‘Koi…Mil Gaya’ and ‘Krrish’, Film quickly takes you to present day life of Krishna, Priya and Rohit, all living their life happily.

Krrish, the alter ego of Krishna is performing various heroic acts such as stopping a robbery, rescuing children and saving an Airplane from being crashed (‘Superman Returns’).

Then there is Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) a genius but Stephen Hawking structured villain. He owns a pharmaceutical giant and is producing viruses before antidotes to increase his profits. He requires money to continue his research on reshaping his body using supernatural bone marrow. In this attempt, he has produced several Mutants who are combinations of animals and humans giving them some additional abilities. He targets largely populated India to strike Once and for all, but genius of Dr. Rohit Mehra restricts him from marketing his antidote as Rohit and Krrish saves Mumbai in “The Amazing Spiderman” like manner .Story of the film then proceeds to various revelations from the past and few other twists put by Kaal in an attempt to acquire the secret of Dr. Rohit Mehra.

As ‘Krrish’ was tagged as Children Movie, some parts of Krrish 3 could easily be tagged as childish. Overly 80s dialogues, oddly and badly placed songs. For instance Priya (Priyanka Chopra) whispers in Krishna’s ear that she is pregnant, just to dance on a quirky party dance number. Krrish 3 is excellent in parts. Specially mentioning the actions sequences which are executed nicely and do have a ‘Man of Steel’ inspiration. But it could be covered under a title of efforts taken for these were purely Indian. (Red Chilies did all the SFX). Battle between Kaal and Krrish is nearly jaw dropping.

In scripting department, Rakesh Roshan is yet to come out of 80s. Lavishly designed sets and a hero with Eight Pack Abs can’t be the answer to the overly melodramatic sequences and dialogues. This, for sure, is not a flaw but in competition with Hollywood, Hindi Film Industry lacks in tight scripts.

Hrithik Roshan fills the shoes of both Dr. Rohit Mehra and Krishna/Krrish pretty easily. Priyanka Chopra has nothing much to do as film is titled ‘Krrish 3’ and not Priya. Kangana Ranaut who plays a mutant seriously needs to work on her mannerisms. For Vivek Oberoi, this was a re-launch in mainstream Hindi movies, and he works his heart out in this dark shaded Kaal. If Rajesh Roshan is giving this kind of music after gap of almost 4 years, he better find some other job in which he is at least good.

All together, Krrish 3 is an amalgamation of numerous Hollywood inspirations, some seriously 80s sequences and traditional Indian film believes. But it will not travel on the paths of Ra.One and Drona as it has stuck to the roots on Indian Cinema going audience. Go for it, you would not be disappointed.

Krrish 3 in nashik (Movie time table of Krrish 3 for nashik city only)

1.BIG CineMas: Divya
09:30 AM,,10:30 AM,,11:30 AM,,12:30 PM,,01:30 PM,,02:30 PM,03:30 PM,04:30 PM,05:30 PM,06:30 PM,07:30 PM,08:30 PM,09:30 PM,10:30 PM,

2.CineM,AX: City Centre M,all
09:15 AM,10:00 AM,10:30 AM,11:00 AM,11:45 AM,12:30 PM,01:00 PM,01:30 PM,03:00 PM,03:45 PM,04:15 PM,04:45 PM,05:30 PM,06:15 PM,07:00 PM,08:00 PM,08:45 PM,09:30 PM,10:15 PM,10:45 PM,

3.CinemAX: College Road
09:00 AM,10:00 AM,11:15 AM,12:15 PM,01:15 PM,02:30 PM,03:30 PM,04:30 PM,05:45 PM,06:45 PM,07:45 PM,09:00 PM,10:00 PM,11:00 PM,

3.INOX Cinemas: Nashik
09:00 AM,10:15 AM,11:15 AM,12:15 PM,01:30 PM,02:30 PM,03:30 PM,05:45 PM,06:45 PM,08:00 PM,09:00 PM,10:00 PM,

4.CinemAX: Nashik Road
09:00 AM,10:00 AM,12:00 PM,01:00 PM,03:15 PM,04:15 PM,06:30 PM,07:30 PM,09:45 PM,10:45 PM,


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