D'Cellar Drink n Dine nashik

Just nashik review: D’Cellar Drink n Dine

Verdict: A place where we can hangout with friends in the evening; of course with a drink in hand

Rating: 3/5

Table For Two:1000 Rs.
Address:Top Floor, Patil Plaza Canda Corner,Nashik.

Nashikites, finally we have a place in our town which has a unique combination of great music good food and amazing ambience. D’Cellar brings you the metro city culture with offers you have never heard about in our city.

D'Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
D’Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
Located in the heart of the city, this place at Patil Plaza, Canada Corner is near-at-hand. This is the place where you can drop at with your friends at any time of the day and you will definitely be treated with an offer or a combo. With the bar on the rooftop and a convivial ambience this place is calm and crazy at the same time. With offers like The Jolly Good Times, Happy Hours, Ladies Night on Wednesdays’, Bucket Offers await you at D’Cellar.  This place is definitely for the party animals. The array of shots available are incredible ranging from Kamikaze, B52, Tube shots to the fiery flaming shots and flaming tower.
D'Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
D’Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
The food menu is designed to go well with the drinks. Continental, Chinese, Indian, Mexican etc. on the menu. You can be sure that the food compliments with any drink that you order. Plus the combo offers including a variety of drinks and food makes it easy for you to choose. 
D'Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
D’Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
The ambience of this place is inclined towards being a place to party and celebrate. The moment you enter you get in the mood to party. Well, if you want to relax with your friends and have a drink, the terrace overlooking the city lights is the place to be. D’Cellar is definitely a place where you can come to party, or for a drink to unwind.Instead of getting away on weekends, you can now make plans in the city itself and you are sure to have a ‘Jolly Good Time’ at D’Cellar.
D'Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
D’Cellar Drink n Dine nashik
Current offers from D’Cellar:
The Jolly Good Times
(Mondays to Thursdays from 1 PM to 5 PM)
Offer on beers
  1. Kingfisher Mild (125 INR)
  2. Kingfisher Strong (135 INR)
  3. Budweiser Mild (165 INR)
  4. Kingfisher Ultra (165 INR)
  5. Draught (150 INR)


Ladies Night: first round of cocktails free

Combo offers

1) 1 Kingfisher Beer (Strong/Mild)

French Fries/ Cold Pasta Salad

2)  Budweiser Beer (Strong/ Mild)

Caesar Salad/ Garlic Seekh Kebab

3) 180 ML or 1 Nip of Blenders Pride

1 Veg or Nov Veg Biryani

The Bucket offer

Pay for Three Budweiser and get one free!

Saturday Offer

Buy One Kingfisher draught and Get one Free!


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