Just nashik movie review: Suddh Desi Romance

Just nashik movie review: Shuddh Desi Romance

Verdict: ***

Just nashik movie review: Suddh Desi Romance
Just nashik movie review: Suddh Desi Romance

For many years, Hindi Film Industry has not bothered to change the formulaic romance movies with a tint of humour in it. Rom-Com genre is not new to Indian audience. The only question remains, what new can a film offer inheriting the long-lasting lost and found love affair.

Shuddh Desi Romance tries to offer new flavour in today’s romance. Mostly affected by the western mentality of “no commitment”, Shuddh Desi Romance handles a coming of age subject very maturely.

As per perception, this film offers a new take on Live-In relationships in India.

Film tells story of 3 youngsters. Raghu (Sushant Singh Rajput), a middle class guy who poses as cousins and brothers in traveling Baaraat for money. He is part-time guide who cons foreigners and has no regret for it. Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra) is also one of these rented relatives.  She smokes; she had a string of boyfriends, ergo afraid of commitment. Tara (Vani Kapoor) is an orphan, raised by her relatives. She is clear about everything and believes in tit for tat. Goyal (Rishi Kapoor) is a marriage contractor. He has seen many seasons and has a lot of experience regarding each and every matter in trio’s life.

Yes, this film is romantic triangle like many other Hindi films. It is predictable in many cases. At some points, you can even predict the conversation of characters. But what make the film bearable are Jaideep Sahni’s crispy dialogues and Manu Anand’s awesome vision of Pink City.

Coming back to the story, Raghu and Tara are about to get married. Gayatri is one of the rented relative in Baaraat. Raghu falls for Gayatri and runs from the wedding as he has no surety. After few days, Raghu and Gayatri bumps into each other, fall n love and with some hiccups, starts a Live-In relationship. After this point, the story takes huge twists repeating the past events again and again.

Vani Kapoor is new find. She looks gorgeous and acts also very nicely. Sushant Singh Rajput also shows his usual charm that can easily woo the ladies. Parineeti Chopra also has done a nice work. Rishi Kapoor has started establishing himself as a character actor. He plays the role of Rajsthani Businessmen and his performance is like a cool breeze.

Director Maneesh Sharma has handled a bold subject very nicely. Though being about 140 minutes long, Shuddh Desi Romance offers you something after a particular time, so that you should not get bored. Music of the film is also very nice. Sachin-Jigar has given some awesome composition which suits the flavour of the film.

Shuddh Desi Romance offers you nothing spectacular story wise, but it is promised to entertain you. Predictable at many times, this film is driven by protagonists’ solid performances. One time watch with your equal half for sure.

Suddh Desi Romance show times in Nasik/ Nashik

Fame Cinemas,pune highway, Nashik
‎11:01am‎ ‎1:51‎ ‎3:51‎ ‎4:41‎ ‎7:31‎ ‎10:21pm‎
Cinemax Nasik Road,Nashik
‎10:00am‎ ‎1:00‎ ‎4:00‎ ‎7:00‎ ‎10:00pm‎
Cinemax College Road,big bazaar building, near vitthal mandir, college road, Nashik
‎9:00‎ ‎10:00am‎ ‎1:00‎ ‎4:00‎ ‎7:00‎ ‎8:00‎ ‎10:00pm‎
Cinemax City Centre Mall.,city centre mall, untwadi road, Nashik
‎9:30‎ ‎11:00am‎ ‎12:30‎ ‎2:00‎ ‎3:30‎ ‎5:00‎ ‎6:30‎ ‎8:00‎ ‎9:30‎ ‎10:45pm‎
Big Cinemas Divya,purab paschim plaza,trimurti chowk, opp post office, cidco, Nashik
‎11:30am‎ ‎2:15‎ ‎5:00‎ ‎7:45‎ ‎10:30pm‎


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