Hangover Part 3 Review By Justnashik

Justnashik Movie Review: Hangover Part 3

The Hangover Part III Review

Verdict– *1/2

The Hangover Part III Movie Time in Nahsik 

Hangover Part 3 Review By Justnashik
Hangover Part 3 Review By Justnashik

If you look up the word ‘Disappointment’ in the dictionary, you would get the meaning of the word ‘Disappointment’ and same is the feeling when you walk out of the theatre after watching ‘The Hangover Part III’.

The Hangover was never meant to be the franchise.  It was not at all the laugh riot or feel good comedy, it was crude humour and that’s what was great about it. But director Todd Philips thought it would be great chance to make a trilogy which would be as epic as some other renowned trilogies.

The Hangover Part II was set in Bangkok on the backdrop of Stu’s (Ed Helms) marriage. This time, Alan’s (Zach Galifianakis) father expires and Alan becomes depressed. To get him in the mood, The Wolf-pack plans an Intervention. On the road, they are abducted by Marshall (John Goodman) and his thugs. They are behind Mr. Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) who stole their $ 21 Million worth gold. As Alan maintains contact with Mr. Chow, Marshall wants the Wolf-pack to find him taking Doug (Justin Bartha) as hostage. And there begins the road trip of Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu and Alan which ultimately ends where it all started “Las Vegas”.

Twists and turns can be easily predicted; you need not to scratch your head on what is going to happen next. Jokes are not at all funny. Director has tried to make the film as crude as possible but on some point it starts to irritate you.  Alan does not remain the most likeable character at the end. You just start to hate each and every action performed by him.

Other actors didn’t have much to do about the film as it is poorly written and executed. Even the background music makes you feel dull. It is merely 100 minutes long but you feel like getting out in the middle of film.

P.S.: there is an unfunny post credit scene too, so stick to your seats on your own risk.

 The Hangover Part III Movie Time in Nahsik 


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