12 to 12 Restaurant Nashik

Just Nashik food review: 12 to 12, Mahatma Nagar, Nashik

Verdict:This is the perfect place to catch up with friends and  some finger food.

Rating: 4/5

Table For Two: 400 Rs.
Address:12 to 12 Near,Shop No 10Ramrajya Building No.7Samarth Nagar Nashik

There are really few eateries in nashik city where you can have finger food with really good ambiance and relaxed atmosphere 12 to 12 is one of those rare places.Always packed with college students 12 to 12 in mahtma nagar is really a wonderful place if you;re looking for some really of beat fusion food and finger food alternatives.The thing that keeps bringing college students and youngsters  back to this place is the easy, relaxed, no-frills, non-pretentious vibe of the place.12 to 12 is probably among those few places where you can hangout for hours with your gang with their amazing and exclusive snacks which we guess only available in 12 to 12 only.

12 to 12 Restaurant Nashik
12 to 12 Restaurant Nashik

This is not a meal place most of their menu is stuffed with snacks and small bites.If you’re looking for heavy meals you can opt out for their sizzlers.The food menu, though limited has all items pleasing your taste buds. Everything that I have had at 12 to 12 has been a sheer treat. Recommendations include Schezwan Fries,Chips and Their sizzlers.The service is quick and efficient in spite of the place being crowded all the time

12 to 12 Restaurant Nashik
12 to 12 Restaurant Nashik

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