Dabeli at Jalaram Dabeli Nashik

Just Nashik City Food: Dabeli at Jalaram.

When soft pav gets filled with  juicy mixture of potato bhaji , tangy chutney’s ,sprinkle of pomegranate skates on buttery tava and sprinkled with shev,onions with few more chutney’s it’s time to keep all your diet preferences aside and enjoy buttery ,spicy yet sweet piece of dabeli. Basic edition has all of the above ingredients while you can also gets some other editions like cheese dabeli and roasted dabeli as well. Don’t find and spoons to get indulge in dabeli put your hands on working hold it softly take a byte make sure you don’t drop any stuffing.

Dabeli at Jalaram Dabeli Nashik
Dabeli at Jalaram Dabeli Nashik

Dabeli has origin from kaach gujrath as long as my information is correct. And it’s being popular since last few decades in the city. Usually people like it buttery but few goes for plain version without butter known as “Kacchi Dabeli”. What more it can even be made as per your order where stuffing you don’t like can be avoided and have a custom dabeli.Priced between 15-25 it’s really tummy filling evening snack.

Dabeli at Jalaram Dabeli Nashik
Dabeli at Jalaram Dabeli Nashik

You can find dabeli vendors at any street corner but we recommend you to taste this heavenly street food at Jalaram Dabeli located at State Bank Chaupati , Near State Bank of India.



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