Nashik Run 2012

Nashik it’s time to run: Nashik Run 2013 Announced.

Note :Nashik Run 2013 cycle rally will be held at Mahatma Nagar Ground on Sunday 6th January 2013 @ 10.00

All the details and announcements can be found at Nashik Run’s official website .

Nasihk Run 2012
Nasihk Run 2012 – Courtesy Nashik Run Organization

The “Nashik Run” was initiated by the selection set of corporate houses to help the poor and needy and to promote awareness of health and fitness around the city of Nashik.

There are several social service agencies that participate in a variety of activities related to protection under and around Nashik. Activities include safe refuge for the old and destitute women, education and training for mental retardation, attention training for the blind, orphans, competence center for the less able etc.

“Nashik Run” was born of a desire to serve the needy in and around Nashik and spread the message of healthy living among Nashikites. The main idea is to help those who want to help themselves. Is funding several projects in the long term and productive by NGOs and charities to enable them to become fully independent.

Nashik Run 2013 T Shirt
Nashik Run 2013 T Shirt Courtesy

Content and Courtesy : Nashik Run Charitable Trust Website :


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