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Just Nashik Food Guide :Best food to eat before the doomsday in Nashik.

According to Mayans world will be ending tomorrow, if they are correct you may want to have your best last meal, at your help we’ve compiled a short list of must have eats in the city. We’ve not mentioned any of those deep fried chickens’ wings and oily fries. Our selections emphasis on typical classic food, fresh with desi spices.

1.Kebabs & Mughlai Curries: Konkani Darbar & Karims

Almost all their preparations are worth a try and as per or recommendations “Seekh kebab” and “Chicken Afghani” will probably best for your last meal ;) at Konkani Darbar. Karims however serves great rolls and biryani cooked with minimal spices.

Konkani Darbar: Dudh Bazar, Old Nashik.

Karims: Patil Lane 3, College Road, Nashik

Mutton Seekh Kebabs at Koknani Darbar Nashik
Mutton Seekh Kebabs at Koknani Darbar Nashik

2.Thali at Rajdhani

Purohit and Rajdhani are well known for their thalis typical gujrathi thalis full of delicacies straight from gujrath a must have of all vegetarians out there.

Rajdhani : City Center Mall 2nd Floor

3. Bhel and Panipuri

Running late, well you still have wide offerings from nashik’s chat vendors Shaukin Bhel and Mathurawasi Chat Bhandar, which will surely end your craving for chat before doomsday. Try “Pani Puri” at Shaukin simple yet slightly spicy “Pani Puri” ,Spice levels can be raised just ask the person serving to give you jhatka. Bhel here is again slightly spicy and extremely spicy version is “Kolhapuri Bhel”. Mathurawasi has slightly sweeter “Pani Puri” and served in Bhalla instead of normal rounded puri.

Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

Shaukin Bhel: Near Nehru Garden, Shalimar Chauk, Nashik

Mathurawasi Chat Bhandar: College Road near Bhonsla Military School Circle.

4. Pav Bhaji

Well Pav bhaji is staple fast food in the whole country needs no explanation, have it well prepared at Bappaj and Shandar Pav Bhaji located at RK and Main Road Respectively.

5. Lassi and Dahiwada

Baggas will serve you your last dahi wada laden in yogurt (Dahi) with spicy and tangy chutney showers. Lassi here is really thick and will surely satisfy your appetite.

Bagga’s Sweet: Near Shingada Talav, Gadkari Chauk, Nashik

6. Chinese and Other Comfort food.

Keep your all hygiene preferences aside this can  be your last meal and head to Tibetans Market located near Saharanpur road  is colony of Tibetans refugees. Chinese food served at Tibetans Market doesn’t have any resemblance with Chinese food but who cares it taste good and comes for really economic price.

Tibetan Market Nashik
Tibetan Market Nashik

7. Kheema

is really under hyped food in the city and there are only couple of joints serving kheema. Well most of them are really utter disappointments Vanda Family Restaurant and Konkani have best Kheema in the town. Taste the kheema and indulged your meat love.

Vandan Family Restaurant: Near New Rachna High Scholl , Sawarkar Nagar Gangapur Road ,Nashik.

8. Misal Pav

One of the famous dish of nashikkars Misal Pav holds the most consumed food item in the city. Prepared with sprouts ,spicy curry and toppings of raw onion , shev and curd. Misal Pav will hits your palate for sure. You have best missal at Tushar Misal,Ambika Misal and Shyam Sundar.

Tushar Misal : College Road

Ambika Misal : Pancwati

Shyam Sundar: Satpur MIDC

9. Jalebi

For desert un-doubtfully   budha halwai have best sweet preparations in the city, From jalebi to gulabjamun they have everything made with pure milk.

Motichur Laddo at Budha Halwai Nashik
Motichur Laddo at Budha Halwai Nashik

Budha Halwai: Near Hundiwala Lane, Old Nashik

10.Masala Jeera Soda

After this high cholesterol and fatty heavy meal, relief your stomach with chilled sodas with masala. Akbar soda and Raut Sons will come for your rescue here drink there chilled masala jeera soda and wait for apocalypse.

Akbar Soda Nashik
Akbar Soda Nashik

Akbar Soda :Main Road, Old Nashik.

Raut Sons : RK , Old Nashik.


One thought on “Just Nashik Food Guide :Best food to eat before the doomsday in Nashik.

  1. Forgettable experience at Bagga Sweets.

    Unhygienic premises and tasteless and stale food. Tookri n chole bhature were simply worth ignoring, unfortunate to have ordered them. No soap at wash basin, god helps kitchen n serving staff. Owners have little consideration for customer experience forget hospitality.

    Worth bypassing by all means for me.


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