Justnashik Food Guide :Unconventional street food eats in the city.

When it comes to the street food in the city people usually end up with chat , rolls and few other mainstream things like pavbhaji and Chinese food stalls,  Breaking this up there are few unconventional street food joints are emerging in the city serving totally new flavors from around the world on the streets of Nashik. Just Nashik team has picked up few of these joints and here is quick round up.

1.  Momos (Veg/Non-Veg) : Momos are made with a simple flour-and-water dough,white flour is generally preferred and sometimes a little yeast or baking soda is added to give a more doughy texture to the finished product. The filling contains mince vegetables ,meat which are saute with oil salt and black pepper.And served with spicy red chilly garlic chutney. Momos are comes in both Veg and Non Veg flavor.

Momo's Served With Sesame and Chilly Sauce
Momo’s Served With Sesame and Chilly Sauce


1. Behind BYK College ,Opposite Reid n Taylor Shop   2. Near City Center Mall,Untwadi.

Price :Veg -30 /Non Veg -40

2.Shawarma (Non-veg): is a  Arab meat preparation, where lamb, chicken are placed on a vertical spit,and may be grilled for as long as a day.Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. Although it can be served in shavings on a plate generally with accompaniments, shawarma also refers to a pita bread sandwich or wrap made with shawarma meat.It is now a fast-food staple worldwide.



1.Joshua’s shawarma , Near Karur Vysya Bank/Woodland Showroom,Opposite to Times of India Office.

Price :45

3.Kebab’s (Non-veg): Kebab’s are prepared from minced meat or chicken or lamb ,some special spices which are usually grounded by the chefs secretly.And This mixture of spices is heated up on coal burner or stove or in tandoor  until kebabs gets succulent and juicy. Perfectly cooked kebabs are served with gently sliced onions and slightly sweeter mint chutney or cucumber and yogurt salad.

Mutton Seekh Kebabs at Koknani Darbar Nashik
Mutton Seekh Kebabs at Koknani Darbar Nashik


1.Karims ,Patil Lane 3 , College Road ,Nashik

2.Kokani Darbar at Dudh Bazar, Old Nashik

Image Courtesy Wikipedia1. Momos Image:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momo_(dumpling)2. Shawarma Image:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawarma


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