Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik.

Just Nashik Food Review

Verdict : Well fighting for chicken tangadi (leg) will end here , innovative preparations using only chicken tangadi (legs) with minimal spices.
Ratings :4/5

Price: 200 Rs.
Address:Near RBS, Krushinagar Corner, College Road, Nasik (Nashik), India 422005
Timing : 

Mon – Wed: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sun: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm is premium chicken take away joint located near RBS bank and opposite to Don Bosco School, College Road.Reason why they called themselves premium chicken take away is chicken tangadi (Chicken Leg) is only part of the chicken they use in all their preparations from small bites to heavy biryani everything is made out of chicken tangadi  (Chicken Leg) which is perhaps the most loved chicken part here in India.We was pretty much excited about our visit at this place due to number of suggestions by our non vegetarian friends. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik.
As we enter in a strong smell of spices hits us, giving  intimation of typical maharashtrian spices. Snaky Tangadi ,Minty Tangadi ,Crispy Tangadi was our first try outs. all of them were well marinated ,Succulents and soft. However base of all three preparations were almost identical.We specially love the minty tangadi for light pudina flavor.Due to take away joint we couldn’t have their curry and other full meal dishes so we checked their Chicken Fingers and Chicken pop corns.Chicken Pop Corn was small little chunks of boneless chicken marinated and deep fired in oil.If you’re looking for meal chicken Maratha rice is nice alternative ,rice made with just chicken pieces and green chilly chutney gives rural maharastrian flavor.We are really looking forward to taste their curry dishes in our next visit. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik.
Remarkable thing bout is softness of chicken which is really rare in small restaurants.Unlike many hotels this guys  doesn’t boil their chicken before use which gives a rubber like consistency to the chicken instead they cook chicken in their own way which keeps the chicken juicy ,soft and fibrous and make chicken absorbs all the flavors deeply. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik.
This place is running since feb 2011 and gained word of mouth in the city the’re about to start their new outlet in trimurti chauk and they’ve also started giving out franchise. initially offer only takeaway meals but you can taste some of their small bites like snaky tangadi,crispy tangadi in the outlet. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik. Premium Chicken Takeaway Nashik.

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