Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

Justnashik Food Guide: Review Shaukin Bhel, Nehru Garden ,Shalimar.

Verdict :While their Jhatka and Kolhapuri Bhel will takes your breath away (literally !) ,you’ll ended up with saying “kaka ajun ek dya ” (Give me one more!)

Rating: 4/5

Price:20 Rs. Flat
Address:Near Sarda Kanya Vidyalaya ,Opposite Nehru Garden,Shalimar Nashik
Timing:4.00PM – 10.00pm

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Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

Every city have its own Chatwallas, Pune have kalyani bhel,Mumbai have their chaupati , and Nashik with no exceptions Have Shaukin Bhel. A little street side stall located near Nehru Garden,Shalimar , Shaukin Bhel was started by two brothers Mahendra and Jitendra Dharnraj in 1999.At the very beginning they started out with Pani Puri and Bhel Puri the usual chat preparations as both of them was completely new to business  ,but during their course of experimentation with these two dishes they finally ended up with a entirely unique combination of spices and chanteys which is currently the USP of their business.

Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Jhatka the base of Shaukin’s Jhatka Dishes

You can find their experimentation on everything on their menu ,like for example you can taste a special garlic chutney along side regular sweet tamarind and green chutney, and a slightly spicy combination of  Bhel comes with little more pinches of red chilly powder and extremely spicy Bhel named “Kolhapuri” gets a handful of red chilly power sufficient enough to give you Jhatka. Similar to Bhel their Pani Puri has also contains some Shaukin’s special chutneys.They rejuvenate Pani Puri and as a result they have an entire lineup of Pani Puri ,beyond simple plain preparation they have  1.Jhatka  2.Mini Jhatka 3.Micro Jhatka color suggest the spiciness of the dish ,after burning your pallet with all the jhtakas you can have chocolate Pani Puri to get cool down.However you can even customize you dish like you can eat 2 Jhatka,2 chocolate and 2 mini jhtakas Pani Puri in same dish.Shev Puri is yet another offering by Shaukin’s goes really well if you love slightly sweet taste.

Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

Four years back they expand their menu with Ragda Patiece another famous chat but it didn’t get that much attention as Shaukin’s Jhatka Series is everyone’s first choice. Currently they have only one outlet at Nehru Garden,Shalimar this place is pretty much located very conveniently and you can reach here from any corner of the city in few minutes.

Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

Shaukin is not just another chat stall you can find on every street it’s more than that and you can get this experience once you’ve been their ,we experience this several time ,Shaukin is definitely place for fulfilling  your chat cravings though their taste slightly tilts to Marathi Palate completely unique and irresistible  .And at the end If u think u can handle spicy food..think again before going to Shaukin Bhel.

Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik
Shaukin Bhel ,Nashik

 Shaukin’s Menu

1.Bhel Puri

2.Pani Puri

3. Shev Puri

4. Ragda Patiece


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