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Prafulla Borse MD & CEO ,The Foliage Infrastructure
Prafulla Borse MD & CEO ,The Foliage Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

All are saying, Market is Stagnant, Market is Collapsing, Market is Down, No Movement AND more…..

But I’ll say, Market is SLOW, but GOOD. You are true that there is Stagnancy into the All Market, But my Experience says, it’s a Right Time to Invest into Real Estate.
As History has proven there is Always Appreciation in Real Estate Investments, then whatever may be the World Economics and Market situation, all who have invested in Right Properties are in much profit, apart from who have over traded the market unnecessarily and unethically. Over traders are turned the victims of this market crisis and those are now panicking the market.
If you really find this market is down then, then you won’t get such rates again. Choose a Right Market or Location; Select an Appropriate Property which suits your Budget, Calculate the tentative appreciation over the period of the span you think to invest, if you find the answer comfortable, then MAKE YOUR INVESTMENTS.

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