@ 60th Birthday of Indian Parliament.

We all are glad to celebrate our 60th Birthday of Indian Parliament. The historic Place of Indian Parliament is situated at Delhi. The parliament house is witness of all the activities and discussion happened in last 6 decades. So many leaders from across the country came to parliament. Some of them was successful to keep purity of their intension of “janseva”. Some may be diverted.

As we Indians are on the way of becoming Superpower. And we respect our parliament and constituency. One thing is most important here that we all are equally responsible for growth of nation and the people of the nation. We can’t blame M.P and M.L.A for their failure. Because ultimately we have elected them and its our prime duty to become aware of whatever happening going on in the Parliament house. After all one thing that we all should understand that running the country of millions of head is not joke. There are hell lot of procedures and discipline that ruler party has to face.

There is no doubt that as a citizen of the India we must expect the possibly good things for the people to become out from the government and leaders. But friends it is revolutionary years for India. And we all know that revolution takes time. But it results in storm of tremendous changes in system. Till that period comes we all should perform our responsibilities of good citizen.

Vande Matram  Image


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