Nashik International Film Festival

Nashik International Film Festival from 23rd March 2012.

Hardcore film and cinema enthusiastic it’s time to dive in fun filled 3 days in a world movies & wine, movie premieres, Master Classes, Open Forums, creative interactions, vineyard tours, meeting new people.NIFF (Nashik International Film Festival ) is scheduled in this month on 23rd-25th March 2012.

NIFF is  heritage festival, as the very first Indian film was visualised and produced in Nashik by Dadasaheb Phalkethat acted as the trigger for the genesis of the Indian film industry – a giant in the global entertainment map today!

This is 4th successful year of this festival and got 350 entries, including films from Germany and France, have been received for the four-day festival.The festival is organised by Metro Foundation of India and Kala Vaibhav Sanstha

Highlights of NIFF are as follows 

Opening Event: 23rd March – Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial OR Kalidas Kalamandir (depending on the official protocol and security requirements of our Chief Guest)

NIFF Master Workshop with Audrius Stonys – a renowned, award winning film maker from Europe. A first-of-a-kind workshop for young film makers where 4 teams of 5 members each will produce documentaries of 5 minutes duration on their perspective of Nashik City to be screened on the closing day of the festival.

Screenings of European Film Academy’s award winning Package

Screening of Poetic Documentaries from the Baltic Region of Europe

Screenings of films from France, courtesy, Alliance de Francaise, Mumbai

Screening of films – in competition for the awards

Retrospective of the legendary Dev Anand’s Films

Film Premieres of Regional Films

A Wine & Cheese get together on all the days as part of the ‘Ideas exchange and film networking village’

Master Classes on different topics with Mr. Shyam Benegal, Mr. Audrius Stonys, Mr. Prahlad Kakar, Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar & Ms. Sophy Sivaraman, scheduled each day.

Open House session for the delegates, press & invitees

A photo exhibition by the National Film Archives of India

Fun tours to the best Vineyards in Nashik – the Wine Capital of India

‘First Look’ – Unveiling of a Hindi Movie!


For more details visit NIFF’s official site



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