Foodies favorites: Misal Pav Hot Spots.

Tuljai Misal Paav Center, College Road

Mumbai for Chowpati Chaat, Kolhapur for Tambada Rassa, Pune for Mastani. These are not synonyms for respective cities. They are the cuisines which made the city famous or we can say vice versa. Talking about Nashik, misal is the most famous food item in Nashik. It is not only a snack food but many of people take it as their one time food. It’s nutrisious and can fill your hunger for one time. There are many places which serves Misal Paav. But there are few which are dedicated only to Misal. Tuljai Misal Paav Center is one them. Situated at Heart of Nashik, i.e., College Road, this place is serving all the foody Nashikkar from last 8 years. Started off on a small Hand Carriage under a tree, Tuljai Misal Paav has now become a hotel with capacity of serving 50 people at a time with ease. More family who owns the place is loved by all their customers for their helping nature. Not only hostalites, but the resident Nashikkars are also daily customer of Tuljai Misal. They are open from 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM for Misal, and afterwards for Vada Paav and other stuff. Their speciality in Misal is the Tarri which is hot and spicy add on to Misal and Unlimited Rassa. With minimal amount of Rs. 30, you can eat and burp in satisfaction.

Tushar Misal, College Road

Tushar Misal is the place where you can get the Misal Paav of a different kind. They are strict with what they serve. They will serve you one Bun, a dish full of cooked sprouts first. Now you will start to think that how one can eat this dry stuff. But wait, a waiter with a cup of hot Rassa will come and add that steamy spicy liquid in your sprouts. Now you can start eating. Rassa will be served to you without any hesitation. The waiters makes you feel like you are at home. After you are over with your Misal, you can order a cup of tea or coffee or even a cold drink. Tushar Misal also provides you items other than Misal such as South Indian dishes, Punjabi Dishes. But their true hand lies in Misal. This is one of the place you can not afford to miss. But be punctual. Because the Misal will definitely be finished before 1 PM.


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