Pinnacle Mall: – The New Obsession

The citizens were anxiously waiting for the opening of so called ‘Pinnacle Mall’ – The 2nd Mega Mall after City Centre. Pinnacle Mall which is around 30000 sq. feet has been the centre of attraction of the citizens. The citizens have been hypnotized since the opening of the mall on the 16th of this month. Though a week has passed but the crowd and the no. visitors does not seem to be decreasing.

The mall has mega store which is held by MORE, and has a structure which is new to the city. The citizens are amazed and glad to have such a mall in our city and it took no time to become an obsession.  Build by the Atal Buildcon Company the mall comprises of around 30000 sq feet. The publicity of the mall was greatly done by MORE, A Aditya Birla Group Brand. The MORE store in Pinnacle is unlikely the one in Big Bazaar as it’s a HYPERMARKET. The Mall is centrally located opposite to the new C.B.S. locally known as Thakkers Bazaar at Trimbak Naka. We hope that the many such malls are seen in the vicinity around and our city keeps transforming itself into a commercial one.


3 thoughts on “Pinnacle Mall: – The New Obsession

  1. The Pinnacle Mall is a good development in Nashik in terms of shopping. The ramp escalator system in More is the first of its kind in the city which allows even shopping carts to be transported on it. The flow of shoppers is nicely controlled by the upward escalators in the atrium which directly take the shoppers to the topmost floor. This allows them to walk around and makes sure that every shoppers goes through the entire mall and does not miss out on anything. The only negative about this system is that if you have forgotten something on your shopping list you would have to go through billing, exit More and then take the escalator back to the top all over again.

    The building also houses the Central Mall which will be an added attraction once it opens.

    Advice for More:
    Please paint “do not spit” on the wall adjacent to ramp escalator as some people are using the AC vents as a place to spit Paan.


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