Finally the Forms Came

 The University Exam Forms of the SY & TY Faculty of BBA, BBM & BCA were found to be missing in B.Y.K. College Of Commerece. Though the Colege had several Genuine reasons like the forms have not come yet, wait for some more time and their precise advice like have patience, the students are worried. . The Students were also more worried because the forms in the other colleges have been filled. Today finally the SY & TY forms students took a sigh of relief as the forms were present in the college. Thanks to Almighty that this time the time of the students was not wasted in inquiry for the forms and all will now be able to fill up their individual forms. The last date for the submission is 27th for SY- BBA, BBM & BCA while its 30th Jul for the TY students of same faculties. The TY students have got Rs. 1680/- the exam fees and 1280/- for SY. Its for the students without any ATKT.


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