Anti Corruption Officers From CBI In Nashik

Tomorrow the Officers Anti Corruption Cell of the CBI( Central Bureau of Investigation) department are going to visit our city. These Officers will not only visit the city but they will in fact meet the local citizens of Nashik. This is a great opportunity for the Nashikites to get into touch with the dignities and put solve their queries and doubts.

The officers have also appealed the citizens to meet them in person if they have any information about corruption against any officer belonging to central Government or any employee on the central government. The citizens also can inform them about any kind of corruption or such related activities against employees of public sector banks, BSNL, Income Tax Department, etc. The names of the informers won’t be disclosed in any case, was informed by the CBI offers in a press release.

These Officers will be available at the Golf Club rest House & the Government Rest House between 11:00 to 4:00 pm. We hope that this meet between the citizens and the CBI officers will help to bring down corruption in our city.


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