Nashik Celebrated The “World’s Blood Donor Day”

Yesterday the whole world has celebrated the “World’s Blood Donor Day”. On this occasion many of the companies and organizations of Nashik were participated , they had organize blood donation camp at the different places in Nashik, many of the citizens took part to donate the blood through these blood donation camps in Nashik city, and the number  of blood donors is reached till fifteen hundred in a single day.
We all know the day 14 June  is the “Worlds Blood Donor Day”, different organizations and companies of the Nashik like Janakalyan, Arpan and Civil Hospital blood bank  were organized blood donation camps at 9 different places in Nashik city, also different companies of Nashik were involved in these blood donation camps, in this Mahindra And Mahindra  , WNS(indira nagar  ,sharanpur) ,blue cross ,Red FM , slide well ,city center mall , commissioner office etc. were active.
Justnashik salutes all the blood donors in the world for doing this precious activity and saving many lives in the world.


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