Nashik Is Waiting For Heavy Monsoon

As we know for past 2 years it didn’t rain as nashik city needed. Citizens are now wishing that the same thing wouldn’t get happen again this year.

 Monsoon has already arrived in nashik but it didn’t rain for past 5-6 days in nashik city. Every citizen is now waiting for heavy rainfall to get relax from the warm atmosphere and some citizens are also planning for monsoon one day picnics, trekking to experience the nature, monsoon and waterfalls. Everyone knows that God has given a great advantage to nashik that it’s nature which is simply pleasant and awesome to watch and to experience.

People are now very exited to plan a one day tour or picnic to spend one day with nature to get relax from daily college and office life.
So just for the nashikkers justnashik is suggesting some one day picnic spots near nashik to soothe the tired city lungs and to work with eager ahead.

1) Long Drive spots:  1) Igatpuri and Kasara Ghat
                                           2)Ozarkhed Dam
                                           3) Jawhar Ghat

2) Waterfalls             :  1) Dugarwadi
                                          2) Bhandardara
                                          3) Dugdhasagarfalls
                                          4) Randha falls            

3) Trekking          :        1) Trimbakeshwar
                                          2) Anjaneri
                                          3) Ratangad(near Bhandardara)

All suggestions are very much appreciated.        


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