Nashik protest against the transfer of Harish Baijal.

The scenario which was created two years ago against the transfer of then Police Commissioner V. D. Mishra is being repeated. Place is the same but man is different.
This time untimely transfer of Mr. Harish Baijal who is Superintendent of Anti Corruption Bureau, Nashik. He became popular in Nashik because in his tenure, his team did various missions against corrupt government officers. He started Anti Corruption Campaign with the help of a famous educational institute in Nashik.
Due to his presence, incidents of corruption were highly reduced. Therefore, Nashik doesn’t want to loose such an officer. And the issue is raised because his tenure is yet to complete.
Mr. Harish Baijal has appealed against the transfer in MAT. Let’s hope that his transfer cancels and Nashik becomes corruption free.


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