World Tobacco Day Celebrated

 Today World Tobacco day was observed all over the world, but the Nashikites also took initiative and tried to contribute towards the society and thereby celebrated this day. In 1987, The (WHO) World Health Organization felt the need importance to spread the awareness regarding the harmful and tremendous affects of tobacco. From that year this day is celebrated all over the world in order to spread awareness regarding the harmful effects of tobacco and with a view to curb the increasing consumption of tobacco.

The consumption of tobacco is mainly done in 2 forms namely the ‘cigarettes’ and the so called ‘gutkha’. According to a survey done it was observed that, 90 % of the tobaccos chewing patients were addicted to tobacco before the age of 24. The youth age is very vulnerable and it is in this stage most of the people develop the habits of consuming tobacco as they are not mature enough to know the effects of tobacco chewing. Tobacco consumption is not only responsible for causing lung diseases but also can be responsible for causing heart attacks and other heart related problems. Tobacco consumption can also lead to the breakdown of nervous system. Hence, it is very dangerous and harmful but its consumption among the youth is spoiling the Future generation to come. One should not get shocked to know that the young ones are consuming tobacco in the form of gutkha from their fathers gutkha sachets or even that a boy smokes the cigarettes which are bought by him while buying the same for his father. Hence in order to protect our children and the coming generation the elders must stop the consumption of tobacco in any form. Dr. Aniruddha Dharmadhikari of Shree Saibaba Heart Institute had organized an anti-smoking campaign at his hospital. Also there was a seminar on how to Quit Smoking accompanied by a Lung Functioning test from 10 am to 5pm. On this day we request all the people to quit smoking and stop the consumption of tobacco in all ways and spread awareness about the same. This should be done not only for our better own health but also if we do not wish to see ore child doing the same.


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