Blood Donation Camp Conducted

Today Arpan, Lokmat and IMA hall have organized a Mega Blood Donation Camp. The Blood donation camp is being held at IMA hall at Shalimar.
With the increasing number of the socially aware people who believe that they owe something to the society we are witnessing many of such blood donations camps being organized in the city from time to time.
Today’s camp begins at 9 am and will be up to 6 pm. The Blood Donation Camp being held at a centre location and on a Sunday along with conducive timings, the response is expected to be good.
These types of camps are not only making people aware about the responsibility towards the society but also proves to be beneficial to the Donor, as by donating blood the production of blood in the body is maintained. Though some people have their own beliefs which are against doing such causes, the temperament of the willing is stubborn.
These Camps also prove to provide social awareness among the upcoming new generation. Such event or camps make the people aware that we should not be selfish and non discriminative as these camps have no conditions and are open to all. We hope the people take actively part in such events and camps and try to fulfill their duty towards the society.


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