Police Commissioner of Nashik Mr. V. D. Mishra transferred.

Police Commissioner of Nashik Mr. V D Mishra finally got transferred after serving 2 years. He started off in style by encounter killing an outlaw. The news was on fire. He also dared to put cases against political criminals.
The aftermath was clear. His transfer orders were given after service of only one month. At that time, whole Nashik stood behind him and made the government to restrict the transfer.
He tried to serve with full affection, but due to some limitations and lack of force, his efforts were restricted far before. Before leaving Nashik, he thanked all the Nashikkars. He also regrets for falling behind in arresting the chain snatchers and also failing in solving the traffic issue.
Mr. Vinod B. Lokhande will now take charge as Nashik’s Police Commissioner in next month. We all hope that he will make the things better.


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