Development works near college road are pain or gain?

Though we are unsatisfied with the municipality but it is trying to deliver its best at least in case on College Road. Many of us are a part of the great development of our very own college road but it’s yet not over. This shows the dedication and concern of the involved authorities towards college road. The authorities being foresighted are working wisely in further growth and development at places like college road.
Now take it as their self interest or pressure we can’t deny that the work is being done. At the end of Kill Bill School road at Gangapur Road, Trees are being cut which have a threat to fall. The trees with branches falling on the road were found to be lying on the roadsides, showing the mismanagement of the authorities.
Also places like Viju’s are being dug and one finds JCB and Trucks on the road corners. This shows that the authorities are well aware of the upcoming rainy season and are ready to finish the work with ease. So rather than making complaints we all should support our authorities so they can complete this work as early as possible.


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