Learn Hacking and Computer Security at Hacker’sTantra 3.0

1.Hackers tantra V 3.0 mega event:

Hackers tantra is computer security and hacking workshop organized by TAN organization with intentions of providing hacking and security related information to technical stream students like Privacy Encapsulation,Email Security,Virus Brain mapping,Windows Security Breaking etc.

Event is going to be conducted at SNJB Chandwad college of engineering,Nashik For two days and the experts from respective fields are going to be held professional workshops on same topics.All participants will get participation certificate after completion of this course with complementary discount coupon of 50% from  Karox Institute.

This workshop is really helpful for the people who wants to pursue their further education in field of computer security and ethical hacking,and for rest of all those people who care about their safety online.The workshop is divided in two modules out of which 1 will be conducted on 1st day and Next will be conducted on second day.

Schedule of events

Hackers tantra mega event
Hakcers Tantra Mega Event

Structure of workshop

Module 1:

1.Advanced Virus Brain Mapping

2.Privacy Encapsulation

Module 2:

1.Breaking Windows

2.Hacker’s Tantra level-3(Emails)

3.Hackers Tantra Level -4(eXPerience)

Fees:Rs.1000/- (Special Discount for group registration)

Note:Yo can register for only one event if you wish both modules
cost same price of Rs. 500/-

Date:6th and 7th March 2011

Timing: From Morning 9 AM to Evening 6 PM (Including Breakfast and Tea)

Venue:SNJB Chandwad Jain college of engineering.

Contact Numbers:






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