Sparkpluggers nashik

Sparkpluggers Nashik: After event report.

19 excited and aspiring entrepreneurs, 5 high impact projects, 5 supercharged mentors, 1 weekend, 48 hours, at one of the prestigious education institutes in India – that’s what the first edition of Sparkpluggers Nashik was all about this past weekend at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. Sparkpluggers arrived in Nashik for the 1st time on April 5th-6thand the energy, passion, excitement and drive displayed by the … Continue reading Sparkpluggers Nashik: After event report.

Sparkpluggers Nashik

Entrepreneurs in nashik get ready for “Sparkpluggers nashik 2014”

Sparkpluggers is visiting Nashik for 1st time to launch their Entrepreneurship Workshop on 5th & 6th Apr., 2014. The Workshop will be hosted by Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik. Udyogwardhini and Just Nashik have collaborated with Sparkpluggers to provide local support for the workshop. Sparkpluggers have formulated a unique recipe for helping the wannapreneurs to ex-foliate their dreams over the week end. The workshop … Continue reading Entrepreneurs in nashik get ready for “Sparkpluggers nashik 2014”

Sparkpluggers Nashik

Sparkpluggers Nashik 2014

Sparkpluggers is an innovative experience that helps entrepreneurs form a team, create a business plan, build a prototype and pitch to angel/seed-stage investors, all in 2 days. Sparkpluggers are to visiting Nashik this April. So if you are an active or budding entrepreneur, or have a business idea, we would love to see you at the event. If you do not have an idea but … Continue reading Sparkpluggers Nashik 2014