Toddler’s Run

With the end of the Admission Process begins the College. All the young aspirants ranging from 16 to 21 are the shoulders for the future. The colleges have begun and the process of transforming an individual to a citizen, who is capable of earning his/her livelihood, become a responsible citizen and serves the society.
With the new growth and advancement, the increasing competition and the opening of gates towards innovations the number of courses, subjects and specializations have not been limited. Unlike the ancient times where the variety of options were limited now there are innumerable number of courses and in various diversified courses and fields that a S.S.C. pass out have to foresightedly think what too choose.

B.Com, B.B.A., Engineering, and M.B.A. are the common and often heard since long time. Today the number of course and their names are difficult to remember. C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A., B.B.M., Interior Decoration, etc…. are not even pinches of the new world. Today the students are not willing to be restricted to one subject; the modern world demands diversified personalities. The cut throat competition creates numerous opportunities which all of us want to grab. People have started thinking out of the Box.
The significance of education is understood by all of us and in today’s world the parents are providing education right from the play school. The cultural changes, the traditional reforms, communication accompanied by Globalization have changed the mindset of people. Hence, the approach have become aggressive people want to be pre-prepared. In the need of the hour, even a toddler is taught to walk with an aim to run in the race of life for the existence….


2 thoughts on “Toddler’s Run

  1. my parents are visiting Nashik for first time on 17th Aug.Please can you mail me with your id ,so that i can clear some queries that I have about Nashik.

    Thanks and Regards


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