Monsoon Begins…..

The most awaited Rains hit our Beautiful Nashik City Today. In the morning, hardly anyone would have thought that rainfall will occur. Today the morning was very much like the summer morning but gradually as the day passed the climate itself transformed into a rainy climate.

The weather had given the signals that it might rain today, and along with time the people’s prediction came to turn out true. By the afternoon the sky was not sunny and the climate changed from a summer climate to a rainy one. By the late in the afternoon everyone was sure that the rain will fall.

As though by all and craved by many, the sweet smell of the wet earth in the first rain was in the air. Though the rainfall was not heavy but the thunders were loud it seemed we will witness a heavy shower.  Rainfall was observed almost in all parts of the city. This is the beginning of the monsoon season in our city. The breezing rains today made the environment change completely there in no more dryness in the wind. We Hope that with God’s Grace this year we will have a optimum rainfall.



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