Transfer of Police Officers Continues…

The Transfers of the senior level Police Officers is not yet over. In the past week there have been several changes with respect to the Police department. The peace loving city of Nashik has witnessed over 4 major transfers in the police departments including the recent transfer of S.P. Harish Baijal.

In the major reshuffle conducted by the state government, on last Monday 3 major transfers took place. The transfer of The Police Commissioner Mr. Vishnudev Mishra who was in Nashik for 2 years was followed by the transfer of the Superintendent of Police(Rural) Milind Bhamre. Also the Uddhav Kamble, Special Inspector General was transferred along with the CP and The S.P.
The people of Nashik were just being familiar to the New Officers in the mean while another Major transfer of S.P. Harish Baijal, who had great goodwill in the Nashikites was observed. S.P. Harish Baijal had created his own name by the great work he did. Being the S.P. of the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) he has proved to be a great helping hand in maintaining the law and order in the city. Under his Supervision and Corruption activities were almost over. With various operations carried out by the ACB after he took the control, Nashik witnessed major corrupt practices by the government employees in several departments. Though it be the civil surgeons or the Deputy Municipal Commissioner and many others, the man was able to catch them and made the city free of corruption. He not only made the phone lines available to the public but also participated in many programmes and made the citizens aware of their responsibilities.
We are still unaware of the fact that how many new changes are we about to witness but we Hope that the new Officers do not disappoint the citizens.


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